'Quiet Moments' Collection

Botanical still life painting pink flowers
Botanical Still Life Paintings
Originals Works
Gouache on Paper
Botanical still life painting blue yellow

Botanical still life painting australian natives

A series of 23 original gouache paintings focused on flower studies painted within small pockets of quiet moments after I returned from maternity leave.

The collection was inspired by the breathe of the new year, a new studio space, and my everlasting love for the beauty of fresh flowers. Each piece was painted from life and sourced from the local florist or flower markets. I loved the freedom of returning and reconnecting with the abundance of colours and scents.

The first few pieces I painted had a different energy in the work - softer and more subdued than my other works. I think my uncertainty and contemplative mood filtered through as I reacquainted myself with my paints and floral shapes. There was more ease and energy as each painting emerged which reflected in bolder, brighter works. I loved capturing the fleeting light and colours depending on the mood of the day.

I hope this collection and it's varying energy resonates with you. I thoroughly enjoyed creating these works and I hope you love them!

x Vickie

Australian Natives Wedding Flowers on Orange still life painting frame mockup
Dahlia Orange and Gold Flower Bouquet Painting
Botanical still life painting sunflower
Botanical still life painting gin

A few behind the scenes and work in progress pics from the studio.

studio work in progress rose painting
studio work in progress sunflower painting
studio work in progress protea natives painting

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