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vickie liu botanical art

Hi I'm Vickie Liu, the artist behind 'Studio KaKa Art'. I love creating vibrant and detailed artworks inspired by the beauty of nature - especially Australian natives and florals. I'm based in Sydney and you’ll usually find me buying flowers for still life paintings, working on wildlife-inspired illustrations, outdoors painting landscapes or painting custom artworks for your special occasions. I have a background in design and architecture so I have a big appreciation for details, composition and colour. The name ‘Studio KaKa’ was based on my childhood Chinese nickname, KaKa, and where I spent countless hours drawing and creating.


With each artwork I love to focus on what drew me to the subject in the first place and to accentuate this through the piece. Sometimes it's the quirky shapes of flowers that I want to highlight, or the way the sunlight hits the subject which turns an everyday scene into something extraordinary. I’m forever looking to capture these moments of beauty and share them with you through my work.


Using acrylics, watercolour and gouache I create original artworks and illustrations as well as a collection of fine art prints, cards and Australian gifts. I love that my artworks are adding colour to homes all over the world. I hope to bring a little bit of joy and colour to yours as well!


Thank you for stopping by!

x Vickie


Behind the Scenes

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