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About the Artist

Vickie Liu is the artist behind Studio KaKa Art. She is a self-taught artist with a love for nature and beautifully detailed artworks. Her paintings are inspired by colourful botanicals, landscapes and animals.

She reconnected with her passion for art and illustration a few years ago after she left her career in architecture to pursue painting full-time. The name of the brand ‘Studio KaKa’ was inspired by her Chinese childhood name, KaKa, and the time in her life where she spent countless hours drawing and creating.

Vickie currently spends her time painting outdoors on location and in her home studio creating her acrylic paintings and watercolour illustrations. Painting from life and being surrounded by nature connects her with the subjects she paints. She tries to capture the beauty and strangeness in everything she paints - Australian floral bouquets are a constant source of inspiration because of their unusual shapes and colours.

Creative Process

Vickie’s creative process starts with ‘sketch and play’ where she explores an idea such as an unusual scene, shapes or unique colour combinations. This leads to a final composition and colour palette. Typically she starts with thin, rough layers of paint “the ugly phase” before refining the artwork with more layers and detail.

Available Work

Her artworks are available at the following locations:

Online shop - as archival prints, cards and textiles
ETSY SHOP - as archival prints, cards and textiles
Bluethumb Online Gallery - a selection of original artworks are available online.

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